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Doctor Inside Academy is a one-stop solution for medical and paramedical students. where we teach you complicated concepts easily and informally like just your friend teaches you. 

Doctor Inside Academy is dedicated to making learning easy for medical and paramedical students globally and creating an amazing community of super awesome people like you so that we can share our ideas, have some great discussions on medical and paramedical topics, and learn from each other.

We create content for all medical, paramedical, and vocational courses, and provide syllabus, notes, lectures, quizzes, live tuitions, 1:1 on academic preparation, and career counseling and guidance. We try our best; to make every topic very simple and understandable for better academic preparation and career counseling. 

The Rise of Doctor Inside Academy

doctor inside academy

When the lockdown was announced in India, our founder was in 2nd year; (3rd semester), in the School of Vocational Education at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai pursuing the course – B Voc in Medical Imaging Technology.

At that time, he was placed in a local hospital for his internship in CT. But, here; after the announcement of the lockdown, he went to his home and started many social media pages in different categories, one of them was; named “Doctor Inside”.

“Doctor Inside” was a YouTube channel, and a social media page on Instagram and Facebook, where he started teaching what he learned in class lectures and during the internship. 

In this process, he reached 600 Subscribers on that channel, and students started asking for notes there. 

youtube doctor inside academy

Now; he has rethought and renamed that channel to “Doctor Inside Academy”; with a vision of guiding and providing a stop solution for medical students and paramedical students. 

For this; he was actively engaging in different social media and counseled near about 100+ students at the end of his graduation. 

After that; he took admission to post-graduation in Radiology and Imaging Technology from OM Sterling Global University, Hisar, and started providing notes and video lectures, in a sequence, with an extra pinch of a career counseling series named” Career Corner”.

Back to the point; when students asked about notes, he started sharing his notes via Google Drive. But, after a while, his drive space was full and made him confused, about what to do next, because these notes are only circulated to a minimum amount of students. 

doctor inside academy

He researched again and solved this problem and the result is in front of you with this website name – “Doctor Inside Academy”.

Now, his brother started supporting him and helping him to create notes, videos, and other stuff, and started tutoring medical and paramedical students with their remote instructors in 2024. 

From March 2024, he started guiding medical and paramedical students and providing tuition, extra classes, counseling, and much more.

Student's Feedback

What our students says 

doctor inside academy reviews
doctor inside academy reviews
doctor inside academy reviews

Founder's Desk

A little about the Mind behind Doctor Inside Academy



+2 Medical (Davian) | BVoc MIT(SVE,TISS,Mumbai) | MRIT(OSGU,Hisar)
Thesis - Evaluation of Radiation Protection for Patient, Medial workers, and Trainee

founder vinay


+2 Non-Medical (Davian) | B Pharmacy (PT. BD Sharma University Rohtak) Project - Formation and Evaluation of Aloe Cold Cream

We both;(paramedical students) brothers are working with the same vision here.


Doctor Inside Academy teaches medical and paramedical students like their friends teach them. 

We help medical students and paramedical students to go forward in their academics with our Career Corner series, where we take care of medical and paramedical students in every aspect.

Our Study Material helps them to excel in their academics, with to-the-point concepts in very easy-to-understand language. 

At “Doctor Inside Academy”; we don’t provide any degree, diploma, or certificate in any academic programs, but will provide only tuition, extra classes, seminars, and webinars with certification of completion only. It’s a platform run by a paramedical student; who passed his post-graduation in radiology and Imaging technology in 2023, and currently helping his seniors and juniors to perform best in medical and paramedical education.

Along with this, we provide career counseling, tuition classes for medical and paramedical students, mentorship, etc here.


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