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2024 Notice

Due to the high volume of requests, we are accepting articles/blogs/posts/images in a bidding format, so you must mention your budget in the given Google Form with your topic or title. 

If your topic is accepted and approved by our editor’s team, in the given Bidding value or the expected one;  our team will revert to you in the next 24 to 48 hours. 

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We always welcome medical and paramedical writer(s), who want to become a part of our expert writing team and show your expertise, experience, learning, and advice for medical and paramedical students.

Along with these, if you are a Medical or Paramedical College, Medical Institute, Paramedical Academy, Medical School, or Medical Education Centre; you are also welcome at; you are at the right place; because it’s a Solution for Medical Students and Paramedical Students.

Here; we can collaborate; and build better things today or in the future.

Become a Contributor/Guest Post Author

We are looking for talented contributors/Guest Post Authors including Medical or Paramedical Students, Teachers, Professors, Trainers, Researchers, Doctors, Health science specialists, etc, who are passionate about writing and can contribute to our website at a very affordable cost.

List of Subjects/Niches/Interests

These are the subjects/niches or Interests, where you can write a Guest Post with the following guidelines;

All Medical Subjects
All Paramedical Subjects
Anatomy & Physiology
Radiation Physics
Clinical Pathology
Computed Tomography
Radiology Contrast
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
General Laboratory Information
Radiology & Imaging Techniques

Along these, we also accept Guest Posts in the following categories;

Medical Information
Paramedical Information
Home remedies
Yoga & Fitness

2024 Notice

Read these key points; before proceeding forward:

  • Your post will be published on the homepage, but when new posts will replace them automatically.
  • Mostly 2 links will be provided, and maybe “Do-Follow”,” No-Follow”,
  • Based on your bidding, your link will be active for the desired time, or forever,
  • We have the full right to accept or decline the article/post or blog,
  • We also provide link placement in our old posts, but this will be a little bit costly,
  • After the payment is submitted successfully, and once verified, your guest post will be available in the next 24 to 48 hours at

Guidelines for Submitting an Article/Post

  • Length: The optimum length of your content must be 1400 to 5000 words. 
  • Format: Your written format is in standard English; with an informative or educational tone. With a minimum of 4 to 5 headings and to the right and short paragraphs.
  • Topic: Your content must be related to medical and paramedical education, or in the above-given categories or niches.
  • Image(s): Featured Images will be provided from your side or we will design them on our basis.
      • Minimum 3 to 4 relevant image(s); with proper size and format. 
      • If you use image(s) from stock websites like or
      • Send the image URL with your content with the selected images. 
  • Links: Only healthy and relevant links will be accounted for here.
  • Original: Your submission must be original and must be research-oriented content. If you provided your self-designed images, we are excited to put those in with your content.
  • No Plagiarism: Zeo Plagiarism content is entertained and you may blacklisted for future submissions also. 
  • Editing: We reserve every right to edit the formatting or wording, anytime, If necessary. 
  • Avoid: Any spammy or AI-generated stuff will be discarded by our team. Be genuine, and authentic, because we have an original audience, and never disappoint them a little.

All your content will be verified before publishing.


Any promotional content will be charged additionally and will be discarded, If not relevant, according to our audience or the above-given niche or interests.

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If; yes; then just pitch your article/post to our editorial team and before that please confirm your title or topic via this given Google Form, and then our team will reach you via []. 


You will notified when your article/post will be live. 

How To Search Health Guest Posting Sites?

Seeking guest posting sites for the health industries like medical or paramedical education can be an excellent way to expand your online persona, build high-quality backlinks, and share your knowledge and expertize.

Here’s a detailed guide on how to look for guest posting opportunities in the medical and paramedical education space:

Keyword Research

Just start with relevant keywords related to medical and paramedical education or health. These may include terms like “health and wellness,” paramedical,” “medical,”, “fitness,” “nutrition,” “medical advice,” “healthy lifestyle,” and many more.

Niche Specific Websites

If you are looking for a website related to health, medical, or paramedical education. Then Doctor Inside Academy will be your best choice if you are looking for a guest post opportunity in the medical or paramedical field.

Or; you can go for niche-specific or category websites, magazines, news portals, blogs, websites, events, etc. to find potential guest posting opportunities in any field. 

Join Social Media Groups or Communities

There are many guest posting communities and social media groups on Facebook, Quora, Pinterest, Reddit, LinkedIn, etc.

You can start by engaging in those groups, start building your network, and keep track on the latest guest post opportunities, and grab them as soon as possible.

Competitor Analysis

Use tools like Semrush, Ahref, and Moz Link Explorer, and find where your competitor’s guest posts are live, and directly reach out to these website owners or managers. 

Hence, your guest post is also live there; if you meet their guidelines. 

Check Guidelines for Guest Posting

Once you identified websites for your guest post; now you have to read their “Write for Us”, and” Guest Posting” Guidelines first. 

Check their rules and regulations or any social considerations, and then proceed next. 


Now; you are ready to pitch for guest posting. Here, first, you tell about yourself, and your expertise, and explain how you are going to contribute to any guest posting website. 

Try to optimize your pitch, according to the website guidelines, to get a positive response, as soon as you apply. 


Go for online/offline events, webinars, seminars, and conferences, to network with professionals in the medical or paramedical field. This allows you to connect with different website owners, and bloggers there and offer your guest offer later, based on your references. 

Search Engine Queries

Try different search queries for quest posting in the health, medical, or paramedical field. 

A few relevant queries are:

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Last Words

Must remember; that quality is the key. 

Try to focus on providing the best quality content from your life in your niche or expertise, with proper research; and must be relevant to the audience of your selected websites. 

One more thing; building connections with website owners helps to get more guest posting opportunities in the future also.